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St. Pete developer plans condominiums on empty lot downtown 2020

A 40-unit residential condominium building is planned for what is now a vacant lot on 3rd Avenue South in downtown St. Petersburg.

Read more at: https://stpetecatalyst.com/st-pete-developer-plans-condominiums-on-empty-lot-downtown/


Visit Domus Urbana at: https://domusurbanastpete.com

Regent Lane Townhome Update:  December 2018 Aerial

Here are our December aerials and what you are seeing is a COMPLETED Regent Lane! We are Move-In Ready! We also have a model unit available for touring.  Like what you see?   Let’s chat!  Call us at 727-515-5556 or click over to our contact page, https://regentlane.com/contact-us/.


Regent Lane Townhome Update:  November 2018 Aerial

Here are our November Regent Lane Aerials and what you are seeing is a COMPLETED Regent Lane!  We are move-in ready and we have a model unit available for touring.  Like what you see?   Let’s chat!  Call us at 727-515-5556 or click over to our contact page, https://regentlane.com/contact-us/.


Regent Lane Townhome Update:  October 2018 Aerial

Here is the most recent aerial of Regent Lane.   We are now closing on units and people are moving in.  It is very exciting!


Regent Lane Townhome Update:  April 2018 Aerial

Check out our newest aerial!  This is our newest updated into the DTSP skyline for April 2018.


Regent Lane Townhome Update:  April 2018 Site Update Photo

The photos continue to pour in from our April site update photo shoot.  Here are two more. 


Regent Lane Townhome Update:  April 2018 New Construction Angle

Here is a great new angle from our April construction site photos.  Regent Lane Townhomes are really coming along !


Regent Lane Townhome Update:  March 2018 Aerial

We continue to build into the DTSP skyline.  Check out our newest aerial.


Regent Lane Townhome Update:  March 2018 Site Update Photo

We are moving right along !  Here’s our 2018 March Regent Lane site update photo.


Regent Lane Townhome Update:  January 2018 East Aerial View

Check out our newest Regent Lane aerial.  It is so exciting to be adding to the DTSP landscape.  This east viewing aerial has us nuzzled in the foreground with Tropicana Field not to far in the distance.


Regent Lane Townhome Update:  Dec 2017 Site Update

We hope you had a great holiday season!  Sorry for the delay with our December Regent Lane site update.  Check out our newest aerial.

Regent Lane Townhome Update:  October 2017 Update

Here are the Mid October site photos taken at Regent Lane .  Things are moving along very well!


Regent Lane Townhome Update:  East Building Stucco

The Regent Lane East Building stucco install is moving fast.  here’s a quick update!


Regent Lane Townhome Update:  Stucco Prep

Regent Lane Townhomes are ready for stucco!  Our newest photo update from the construction site shows the scaffolding set up to get started.


Regent Lane Neighborhood Update: Roof Top Decks

New Regent Lane Townhome construction update!  Construction is near complete on all the roof top decks.  On the heels of the 2017 Fourth of July, it looks like you will be ready to take in the DTSP firework display next year.


Regent Lane Neighborhood Update:  Roof

Here’s our latest update from on site at Regent Lane.  The roof is currently being installed.  More photos to come.


Regent Lane Townhome Update:  5-26-17 Site Plan Update

Another unit has been reserved!  Take a look at our newest updated site plan.


Regent Lane Townhome Update:  Site Plan-5 units left

Another unit reserved !  Check out our newest site plan update.  Five units left.  See one you like?  Let’s chat !  727-515-5556


Regent Lane Neighborhood Update:  Fourth Floor Block Complete

Here is the latest picture of the Regent Lane.  The fourth floor block is up on both buildings and we will be starting on the roof top deck soon.  Very exciting update!


Regent Lane Townhome Update:  Fourth Floor Block

Here are some new progress photos of Regent Lane.  You can see that we have block up on the 4th floor, very exciting; and the lane is really taking shape!



Regent Lane Townhome Update:  Fourth Floor Construction

Fourth floor construction has begun!  Here are two fantastic pictures captured from a drone on Monday, April 17, 2017.



Regent Lane Townhome Update:  Third Floor Lane View

Check out that view!  Yesterday one of our developers sent us this great photo of third floor build and view.  This is the kind of gorgeous Downtown St Pete skies you can expect to see at your future Regent Lane Townhome.



Regent Lane Townhome Update:  Third Floor

Here are a few photos that were taken of the project today.  It shows that things are moving along quite nicely.  We have started the third floor of block on the West building.


Regent Lane Townhome Update:  DTSP Sales Center

Introducing our new Downtown St. Petersburg sales center located at 670 Central Avenue.  This office is “by appointment only” so if you are interested in one of the few remaining Regent Lane Townhomes, Click the link and Contact Us today. 


Regent Lane Townhome Update:  Second Floor Construction

Vertical Construction Continues! The second story construction of Regent Lane is underway. 


Regent Lane Townhome Update:  Phone Booth

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Regent Lane ! Click the link and check out this great phone booth considered the Regent Lane landmark. 


Regent Lane Townhome Update:  The Lane Takes Shape

Regent Lane's lane takes shape.



Regent Lane Townhome Update:  Vertical Construction

Vertical construction update at Regent Lane.



Regent Lane Townhome Update:  East building foundation

Newest construction update from on site at Regent Lane.



Regent Lane Townhome:  Pre Construction Pricing ending soon

Pre Construction Pricing ending soon.  Click the link and contact us today.



Regent Lane Townhome Update:  East and West Stemwalls

New construction photo update showing the stemwalls.


Regent Lane Townhome Reservation Count:  Eight

Updated Regent Lane reservation count.


Regent Lane Townhome 8.14.16 Open House

Come visit Regent Lane's Open House/


Regent Lane Townhome Reservation Count: Seven

Our newest reservation count.


Regent Lane Townhome Update:  Townhome Pads

Our latest aerial construction update shows the townhome pads for the East building being laid out and taking shape.  Click the link to see the photo.


Regent Lane Townhomes featured in 83 Degrees Media

83 Degrees Media feature article on Regent Lane.


Regent Lane Townhome Pre-construction Pricing Ending Soon

Ground is broken.  Foundations are being poured and our Pre Construction prices will end soon.  Go to www.rengentlane.com to reserve and save before the pre construction pricing is gone.


Regent Lane Townhome Update:  Foundation Pour

This is our first Regent Lane site update.  The foundation pour. Click the link to learn more.


Tampa Bay Business Journal talks luxury townhomes Regent Lane

Here’s an informative article in the Tampa Bay Business Journal outlining the Regent Lane story with information like how many units, price range, etc.  Click the link to learn more.


Regent Lane Townhomes feature in the Tampa Bay Times

Read our feature in the Tampa Bay Times.  It is a great article that timelines Regent Lane and gives you a little history of the site area and NJR Property Investments LLC.



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